Environmental Design and Landscape Planning

JMLA have retrofitted over twenty regional towns and the practice has undertaken pioneering work in the creation of Australia's first ecovillages. JMLA have focused on low carbon footprint developments which provide leadership in energy descent, renewable technologies and long term ecological frameworks for rural and urban communities.

JMLA have undertaken regional and district wide environmental planning throughout Australia. We have developed masterplans for new cities, new neighbourhoods, city and town infil developments. The protection of ecological systems is a primary driver in our planning. We have written codes, guidelines and regional strategies to protect biosystems.

Critical concerns in our work include:

  • Energy-efficient design, materials and systems
  • Whole of lifecycle housing and living places
  • Integrated communities which combine work, play and living within a walkable precinct
  • Water sensitive urban design, including swale and wetland stormwater systems
  • Implementation of permaculture and productive land principles and designs
  • Re-use, recycling and use of recycled products

Examples of outstanding environmental landscape planning include: