Environmental Graphics and Interpretation

JMLA develop whole-of-town and whole-of-region signage and wayfinding strategies throughout Australia. We have planned many sign systems, including hierarchies of road signage, park and street interpretive signage, town entries and gateways, information and interpretation centres, tourism brochures, public art, poetry trails and oral histories.

Graphic design is merged with landscape design, tourism planning and cultural interpretation to offer unique and well-crafted wayfinding and interpretation. In Cleveland, for example, the complete environmental signage system developed by JMLA for this town includes:

  • Special cast parking and street signs
  • A poetry trail in marble and sandstone
  • Free-standing town entry gateways
  • Mosaic walls with applied sandblasted text
  • A range of light pole banners
  • Illuminated community noticeboards
  • An interpretive map carved into paving
  • Interpretive art built into ceramic tiled walls
  • Identification plaques for artworks and plantings
  • Illuminated directional boards
  • Development of a town logo in cast furniture and banners

Directional, entry information and interpretation signage systems have been developed for many towns including:

  • Cooktown Interpretive Trail, Cooktown, Qld
  • Tall Stories of Gladstone, Library Square, Qld
  • The Stories of Ulverstone, Tas
  • Entry Statements at Quilpie, Atherton, Ulverstone, Cleveland and other town centres
  • Hallorans Hill Sculptural Park and Trail Brochure, Atherton, Qld
  • Hervey Bay Botanic Gardens Brochure, Qld
  • Seventeen Seventy Interpretive Trail, Qld
  • Bloomfield Street Art and Poetry Trail, Cleveland, Qld