Housing and Multiple Dwelling

JMLA have a leading role in generating new types of residential landscapes in Queensland. High and medium density projects have been a hallmark of the practice with such award winning projects as the Cotton Tree project in Maroochy Shire and Kelvin Grove Village Centre in Brisbane. Innovative neighbourhood and infill layouts have been developed for new places throughout Australia, with a particular research focus on ecologically sustainable development. Green walls, rooves and lightweight podium landscapes have been built in inner city projects. Edible urban gardens and re-use of water and waste are prime drivers of current works.

Australia has an ageing population and households are diversifying. Affordable and communal housing are very small markets in Australia compared with other advanced economies. Over time, better and more sociable forms of housing will emerge, and JMLA are focused on initiating these collective landscapes and public realms. Early precedents in Queensland include The Paperbarks at Cotton Tree, a public/private sector precinct and the Jeannie Barnes Court, a cluster of nine lightweight Queenslander houses for elderly Aboriginal people in inner city Brisbane.


Cluster Housing, Apartments and Townhouses

Apartment and Townhouse Projects

Public and Co-housing projects

  • Student Housing at Lot 18, Kevin Grove, Qld
  • Spring Hill Studios, Brisbane, Qld
  • Spring Hill Co-op, Brisbane, Qld
  • Cotton Tree Model Housing, Sunshine Coast, Qld