Public Art, Collaborative and Community Design

JMLA focus on creating places that feature public art, culturally appropriate objects and creative installations, which are both innovative and contemporary.

JMLA specialise in planning and implementing complex public space projects which highlight local culture and broad community interactions. They have orchestrated teams of designers and builders across towns throughout Australia, sometimes project managing hundreds of creative participants in his community building projects.

Having collaborated with over thirty different artists and co-designed and built twenty-two public art projects, JMLA are well versed in the making of creative public places and have developed artworkers' contracts and project managed groups of up to twenty artists at a time.

John Mongard is a painter and visual artist who has worked in the areas of theatrical design, graphic design and public art and placemaking. His practice has focused on the notions of event space and dwelling: where space and objects are designed to be catalysts for activity and settings for experiential joy and comfort. This approach has led him to a sequence of placemaking projects throughout Australia which focus around the recreation of an active public realm in cities, towns and villages of all scales. The design of objects and detail within these public spaces has been informed by the search for a poetics in the landscape that has contemporary and cultural relevance.

The practice has extensive experience in the collaboration and project management of public art projects. Some recent public and community art projects which JMLA managed and collaborated include: