Swimming Pools and Spas

Australians love of water-based recreation is well known. JMLA continue to find innovative ways for people to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of pools and spas. Recent research has focused on developing naturally heated spas made of timber using traditional Japanese qualities and details. We are developing a traditional timber spa bath that utilises solar heated mineral water which is being trialled in JMLA's Display Garden and Food Forest. Plunge and lap pools are an emerging trend due to the decreasing availability of spaces in Australian cities. JMLA have retrofitted numerous pool complexes, revamping outdoor entertainment complexes in inner city precincts.


Examples of outstanding places incorporating swimming pools and spas include:

  • Japanese Spa Bath and Pavilion, West End, Qld
  • Brydon Residence, Brisbane, Qld
  • Boulevarde Towers, Gold Coast, Qld
  • Riverplaza Swimming Pool Complex, Brisbane, Qld
  • Sereviratne Residence, Brisbane, Qld
  • Wellers Hill Residence, Brisbane, Qld
  • Golden Residence, Brisbane, Qld
  • The Village Centre at Kelvin Grove Urban Village, Brisbane, Qld