Our Profile

Our practice moves across many fields and disciplines to create new forms of living and gathering. A search for quality drives each project from vision to fruition. The process of design and making are integrally woven together, allowing a strong sense of craft to permeate each space and object.

The practice is limited to a close team of experienced designers, in order to achieve design excellence in every project. John Mongard Landscape Architects (JMLA) carry out the majority of its projects in collaboration with interdisciplinary teams of artists, artisans and other professionals, forging new ways of placemaking and leading Queensland’s push towards culturally appropriate development.

JMLA is committed to building sustainability into design. The reconnection of food, water and natural resources through recycling, urban agriculture and water sensitive urban design are emerging priorities. The affirmation of civic life and sustainable living are in the culture of all our projects.

The Team

The practice is led by John Mongard and Jacqueline Ratcliffe, who collaborate on the management and design of all projects and put together teams of designers, craftspeople and consultants for each unique site. John often leads strategic and urban planning projects, whilst Jacqueline heads up the design and implementation phases. Supporting team members include architects, 3-D animators, landscape architects, artists, research and administrative staff.

Fees and Services

Projects are priced by calculating specific hours to tasks, and cross-referenced to the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) advice on professional fees. Our cohesive team allows us to provide outstanding design input for all projects. The AILA Standard Conditions of Engagement are the preferred guidelines for contractual arrangements.