The Green Space Strategy

The Kurilpa peninsula offers a model of urban living for Queensland and Australia. The peninsula, comprising the suburbs of West End, Highgate Hill and South Brisbane, is projected to increase by 27,000 people by 2031 with the vast majority of new residents been apartment dwellers without private gardens. For these reasons and more, it is critical that the peninsula provides an adequate supply of quality green space to meet increasing demand.

The Green Space Strategy has been organically developed by the community in tandem with local landscape architects. The Strategy is a summary of the best ideas and research undertaken and forms a live document which the local community can harness to achieve their desired futures. The big idea in the strategy is that at least 11 hectares of underutilised publicly owned land could be re-purposed to create new green spaces. Thirteen types of green spaces are proposed. Sites for an eight hectare metropolitan, riverside park and a new stadium have also been identified. After twenty years of collaborative planning and design, The Green Space Strategy will act as a primer for local action and may be used as a template for community planning throughout Australia.