Productive Gardens and Agricultural Landscapes

Food production in Australian cities and towns has become an emerging urban design issue as global warming, peak oil and an ageing population force us to reconsider the food miles required to feed people. Currently one third of our carbon footprint relates to food.

We are advocates for the creation of productive gardens at both the garden and city scales. We have assisted communities throughout Australia in becoming locally sustainable and resilient to change by integrating productive gardens, community orchards and community gardens into both infill and new developments.

In regional Australia we are assisting towns to produce food within walking distance of their main streets, and to better use their agricultural expertise to feed local people using local networks and local markets. At the garden scale, we incorporate fruit and vegetable growing areas into nearly all our projects, in combination with large water tanks and solar powered infrastructures. By encouraging food security at both the house and the city scales, we believe that Australian communities can become more resilient to future changes.